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                  Welcome to the official website of Nantong Haizhu Garden Co. Ltd.!


                  Hotline: 15906286999

                  Nantong Haizhu Garden Co. Ltd.

                  ABOUT US

                  Discover the beauty of nature, Beauty of foundry gardens, and Beauty of life

                  The dosage form company aims to carry forward China's excellent gardening skills and create a pleasant living space for customers, and takes the pursuit of quality and reputation as the business principle. After years of efforts, the company has perfect construction equipment and excellent technical strength. The area of seedling production and cultivation base is increasing year by year. It has many professional technicians and can undertake all kinds of landscaping projects: from Garden Gallery flower rack to rockery fountain; From the ground pavilion to the roof garden; From outdoor sculpture to indoor scenery; From national style garden architecture to exotic art sketches. Whether local landscaping or overall design, we can strive to present satisfactory works to each owner.
                  The projects implemented by the company in the process of operation and management for many years have been recognized and praised by the owner for many times.


                  Add: No. 5, Hongqiao North Road, Nantong City, China
                  P.C.: 226408
                  Contact: Lu Feng
                  Mobile: +86-15906286999
                  E-mail: 187152132@qq.com
                  URL: http://www.htgljs.com

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